How to deliver a sample

Tips for delivering a sample

Samples may be brought to the DCP site or sent via the post (see contact). Before submitting samples, please complete the information sheet and email it to, or send it to us together with the samples.

The accuracy of our diagnosis depends in large part on the freshness of the sample. Bring or post the sample as soon as possible after collecting it. The sample must arrive on the day after collection. Do not post samples before the weekend or holidays. If a sample cannot be brought to the DCP immediately after collection, store it in plastic in the refrigerator at ± 4 °C.

Bringing the sample to the DCP

The material can be brought in a plastic bag or container or in a wooden box.

  • For safety reasons, insects and mites from stored goods (cacao, grains, coffee, etc.) and from residences or other buildings must be placed in an unbreakable recipient and sealed with packing tape.
  • Water samples may be brought in plastic bottles. These must be first thoroughly rinsed with water from the sample and may also be disinfected with technical alcohol. The samples must be brought in as soon as possible (preferably the same day of sampling and before Wednesday at noon).

Guidelines for posting samples

The packaging of the sample must be appropriate to prevent damage and drying of the material during transport. The sample should therefore be sent in a large, sturdy box to ensure that it arrives in good form.

Ensure that the packaging is well sealed.

If more than one sample is sent in the same parcel, ensure that the samples are packed individually and appropriately, and are clearly numbered to prevent confusion.

  • When posting leaves or shoots, please wrap them in lightly moistened paper towelling before packing them in plastic wrap.
  • When posting bulbs or potatoes, fruits or vegetables, please wrap them first in a dry paper towel before wrapping them in plastic.
  • When posting entire plants, please place the plant in a bucket of water overnight before posting, to ensure that the plant does not dry out during transport.
  • If possible, please send the samples at the beginning of the week. Avoid sending samples before the weekend or holidays.