The Diagnostic Centre for Plants remains at your service

Dear clients,

Even during the corona crisis, we are still operational and we remain at your service.

We hereby assure you that we are taking all possible measures to warrantee our operations. Internal agreements have been made to ensure that sample receipt, analysis and reporting continue.

Together with you we will do everything we can minimize the impact on primary production.


The Diagnostic Centre for Plants (DCP), part of Flanders research insitute for agriculture, fisheries and food (ILVO), is the premiere laboratory for plant health in Flanders. Wherever the presence of a plant disease or pest is suspected, be it in plants and vegetal products, soil or water, samples can be presented to us for analysis. Samples originating in stored goods, residences or storage areas are also accepted.

Isolation and identification of bacteria, fungi, mites, insects, viruses and nematodes are all possible at our lab. We use the most up-to-date and effective techniques.

Growers, lecturers, individuals, research centers and governmental agencies are all served by the DCP.

DCP offers ISO 17025 accredited and standardised tests (EPPO, ISTA, ...) for phytosanitary regulated plant parasitic organisms.  The Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC) also uses our services and has installed our lab as National Reference Laboratory for Plant Health.

Insects and mites





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