Price list for general diagnostic procedures

All prices are noted per sample, exclusive VAT.

For large numbers of samples or contracts, please contact us.

General diagnostic procedures



Method of Analysis

Normal duration of analysis**

Price (€/sample)  excl. VAT

Basic analysis Plants – plant material - seeds Visual and microscopic determination of the disease symptom without any other tests 2-5 days 32,25
Standard analysis Plants – plant material - seeds - soil/substrate - water Basic anaylsis with supplementary tests using common lab techniques (ELISA, plating, etc.) 2-15 days 69,71
Molecular analysis Plants – plant material - seeds - soil/substrate - water - fungi - insects - mites - nematodes - viruses An analysis with 1 specific PCR, RT-PCR of real-time PCR 1-15 days 106,12***
Virus assay on indicator plants Plant material Bioassay: mechanical inoculation on indicator plants 10-45 days 69,71
Limited physicochemical analysis Soil, substrate pH, conductivity 2-5 days 32,25
Toxicity Soil, substrate Bioassay 7-15 days


*see also guidelines for submitting samples
** during workdays, after submitting the sample as agreed
*** specific prices voor larger volumes.  See specifications within the disciplines

Other specific tests

  • Upon request
  • Molecular identification of bacterial pure culture: + 27,05 €
  • Demonstration of pathogenicity of a bacterium: + 27,05 €

Plant resistance testing

Organism: Puccinia horiana (specific isolates)
Matrix: Chrysanthemum

Normal duration of analysis: 4 weeks

Number of replicates

Price (€/candivar)

3 replicates 11,00
5 replicates 13,00

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